“Seventeen years after open heart bypass surgery my friends heart has started to fail him again. Virg, always a Marine is a Korean War Veteran and one of the ‘Chosen Few’ that fought in one of the bloodiest battles of all time at the Chosen Reservoir in Korea. The first of this year we started to notice his health failing and he was having trouble speaking clearly. After a brief hospital stay the diagnosis was Congestive Heart Failure. After living alone all of his life we knew we were going to have to make a change to an assisted living facility.

The townhome he owns in Renton was just to much for him to deal with and we were very concerned that he would fall on the stairs dragging around the oxygen tube that was now is constant companion. We wanted to keep him near our home in Kent so I contacted Cindy Nelson at ‘A Place for Mom’ to get some referrals to assisted living facilities in our area.

Arbor Village was one of the first communities we discussed because of it’s wide range of care to fit the residents needs. After a visit and tour with Andrea Knight we knew that our needs could be filled at Arbor Village. The next big hurdle was to figure out how Virg was going to be able to afford the level of care he required on his fixed retirement income.

We applied to the VA for the Aid and Attendance benefit but that could take six months to process. He owns his Condo in Renton but in the current Real Estate market that could take some time to sell. We applied for a home Equity line of credit but that to we were told could take two months to process. When I talked again with Arbor Village, I was told about Elderlife Financial and recommended that I contact them about my needs.

I called and talked to Farrell Didio the Director of Family Relations and she told me how the loan works and how to make application on line at their Web Site. I filled out the loan application on my computer and transmitted it to Elderlife financial. I received a confirmation right back and within two hours my loan was approved and we were authorized to move Virg in as soon as we could make arrangements to move his furniture. Thank you for recommending Elderlife Financial they made it very easy to bridge the financial gap and get my friend the care he needed in a timely manor.”


Rob Huston