Arbor Village Presents the “Everwell Triathalon”

Kent, WA – Arbor Village Continuing Care Retirement Community, located at 24121 116th Avenue SE in Kent, recently expanded its EverWell Program to encourage residents and staff to join in a competition among the Cascade Living Group communities. This competition is meant to promote wellness and encourage more active lifestyles for residents and staff alike.

Each month will be focused on special activities focused on life enrichment. The focus in January was physical health, in which participants engaged in physical activities, such as walking, tai chi, wii sports, weight lifting or swimming. The 2nd ‘leg’ of the EverWell Triathlon will be in February focusing on mental health with crossword puzzles, games, board games or creative writing to stay sharp. The final portion of the program will focus on social health, with activities meant to foster interaction and enjoy the company of others during group activities like crafts, cooking, walking or photography. Participation at each community will be logged, tallied and there will be three prizes awarded to the winning community’s Activity Department at the end of the competition!

“Most importantly, both our residents and staff are taking advantage of this opportunity to lead healthier lifestyles,” said Jarrett Houser, Executive Director of Arbor Village.

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