– Gail D. & Edith S.

“Kudos to all the staff at The Lodge for a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with the residents and their families. I appreciate all the extra effort that was made to make everyone feel special. The food was great, and I’m looking at the size of the portions as an attempt to stretch out my stomach in preparation for Thanksgiving on Thursday. I still can’t believe my Mom was able to finish everything on her plate. (Not too sure where she puts it all.) The serving staff was lovely with all their attire and kind nature.

Please pass along a ‘job well done’ to everyone involved. I look forward to future events, as I’m sure many of the residents do also. It was great having an opportunity to talk with the other families and make connections. (Turns out that Virgil’s son was a good friend of one of my brother-in-laws and helped coach his sons.)”


– Gail D. & Edith S.

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