— Julie M

“I would like to take a moment to tell you about the exemplary service and kindness I have received from Jarrett Houser, Executive Director, at Arbor Village.

From the moment I toured Arbor Village on behalf of my elderly aunt, Jarrett has been extremely easy to work with, patient, understanding, kind, and giving.

It seems no matter what I throw at him, or what issues may come up, he always has the perfect solution. When I am worried about something, he eases my mind. When I am having issues with my aunt, he steps in, knowing exactly how to make it all better. When I need advice, he has the answers. Jarrett knows how to take command of a situation, but he does it with love and compassion; a very rare quality indeed.

Jarrett is always so very approachable, never once making me feel like a bother during his very busy day. He always takes time to talk, no matter how trivial the matter may be. I sincerely appreciate him listening to me. In my job as a flight attendant, I have found that just listening can solve 90% of the issues that may concern my passengers. People just want to be heard and understood, and know that you are taking the time to pay attention to them. Jarrett fully understands the importance of listening and paying attention.

I watch Jarrett interact with residents with such ease, caring and compassion. He is very thoughtful and intuitive. These are qualities I noticed the first day I toured Arbor Village. Even more telling is the fact that Jarrett didn’t know I was watching him, he didn’t even know who I was at the time. It was seeing Jarrett in action that swayed me to choose Arbor Village for my aunt.

I placed the ultimate trust in Jarrett and Arbor Village to do the right thing for my aunt, and I’ve not had a single regret or second thought since. He is truly an asset to your company.”


– Julie M.
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